The next release is more Persian

After several sold out concerts and a few releases with English lyrics it is time for a release with an emphasis on the Persian elements. The crowd at Roskilde Festival 2019 and Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival 2019 has already taken on the Persian timbres with a smile, and the biggest Danish radio station (P3) has already played the track.

Persian Electro Orchestra dreams about combining danceable electronic music with classical Persian instrumentation - a whole new genre. As opposed to earlier releases with English lyrics, the lyrics in "Losing My Impatience" are more poetic and sung in Old Persian - without compromising to less bass heavy and funky rhythms.

"Losing My Impatience" is about time and resistance - two inevitable preconditions in order to obtain knowledge and self-esteem. Even though Old Persian is less accessible, the musical elements takes the listener on a sensual and dynamic journey.

The unique vocal is brought to you by Maryam Zohdi, and the fast santoor performance by Iraj Siahkali. 

Losing My Impatience will be released on all streaming platforms December 6th 2019. But you can already listen and download the song for free here.